Payback LTD Review

I thought I lost $20,000 in binary option scam, but then I found Payback LTD that helped me get my money back and I feel like I owe them a lot.

In this review, we’re going to tackle a service, which is dedicated to protect people from frauds such as regaining lost funds, Payback LTD.

Is Payback LTD Legit?

Absolutely. How does it work? Payback LTD uses a four-step process that they feel is the easiest way for you and an efficient way to reacquire the money you lost. These steps are as follows: reviewing the details of your concern/complaint, collect all necessary information for them to proceed, converse with the company you’ve filed a complaint with, together with the banks they work with, and lastly, you get your money back. These steps are very simple, and anyone can follow these steps. Although this might take a bit of patience, you can trust Payback LTD to do all the work from there.

For qualification in fund retrieval, first, the traders should know if the broker is either regulated or unregulated. Payback LTD states that unregulated brokers will often advertise automated systems, bonuses, and insured trades to lure clients. These aspects can be trusted as a lot of reviews about Payback LTD have been positive.

What is Payback LTD? Payback LTD was established to protect people from any kind of online fraud, especially Unregulated Forex and Binary Option Brokers. They have already protected millions of people from online fraud worldwide, and their company is comprised of people who used to work in the Forex and options industry, with knowledge and expertise in international banking and cyber crimes. Their mission statement: “We aim to Move Heaven and earth to get your money back.”

Their services range from retrieving funds from unregulated brokers to retrieving funds from online frauds and legal breaches of merchants. Their additional services are the following:
• 24/7 customer support: You can contact them anytime, anywhere. You can call them in the following numbers:
1. US: 1-6469680944
2. UK: 44-2033188546
3. AUS: 61-283174997
You can also email them at
• If you’re not confident about your case, you can sign up for a free consultation and they will review your case. From there, they will lay out options for you.
• After resolving your case, they can help you protect yourself against online fraud in the future by giving you instructions and guidelines.

To ensure that you’re getting your money back, they will need the following information:
• Receipt or confirmation that a transaction has occurred (bank and credit statements are also accepted)
• Company, broker, advertisement, or merchant’s website/platform (email, social networking sites)
• All conversations with the broker (any form of text, messaging, call, or email)
• Any additional information not stated

With this, I will really feel safe and secure with them. I have also read a lot of positive reviews from blogs, websites, and other social platforms that Payback LTD has helped them a lot in retrieving their money from online scams and fraud. In today’s generation, that does not even surprise me anymore. There are a lot of phishing scams online and there are even people who catfish people online, or posers. With Payback LTD and their safe and detailed steps to reclaim funds, you can have a chance to get your life back or start anew with all the money you refunded.

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